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Best Gifts for Mom

Discover our list of ideas for the most special Mother's Day gifts. Find the perfect expression of your love and gratitude for Mom with our guide.

By Sarena Macias

It seems as though there are infinite ways to honor mothers across the various cultures around the world. Entire songs, movies, podcasts, and more are entirely committed to the experience of motherhood and the impacts of being lovingly mothered.

With all of that in mind, it can be difficult to decide on just one Mother’s Day gift to reflect just how much gratitude you have for this special woman in your life.

25 Personal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

No matter how you plan on spending Mother’s Day, or any Mother’s Day traditions you already practice, it’s always nice to treat her to a little extra something to show you’re thinking of her.

Price Range: $

1. Handwritten Letter

Express your love and gratitude for Mom with a handwritten letter that she’ll cherish and hold as a keepsake for years to come. Make this personal gift extra special by reflecting on shared memories and simply thanking her for all of the big and little things she’s done for you.

2. Handmade Piece of Artwork or Craft

If you’re on the crafty side, consider showing your love this year with a piece of art or a craft made by you. This could be anything from a hand-knit scarf, painting, or mixed media collage.

3. DIY Gift Basket

Mother’s Day gift baskets are relatively easy to put together, especially if you’re in a pinch this year! Simply buy a small basket from your local thrift or craft store and fill it with her favorite treats, snacks, and goodies.

woven basket sitting in grass filled with a book perfume and fruit
Photo Credit: Unsplash

4. Beautiful Bouquet

Flowers are timeless and are always appreciated gifts for moms. You can elevate the gesture this year by picking a flower that has a special significance to her or pick a flower with a meaning you want to share!

5. Cozy Throw Blanket

For snuggling up on the couch during winter months, your next Netflix marathon, or family movie night, a warm blanket is one of the best gifts for mothers because we know how much she will use it.

Price Range: $-$$

6. Set of High-Quality Teas or Coffees

Add to her morning ritual with a set of quality teas or coffees and a beautiful mug. You can even support local businesses with this gift by purchasing from a local ceramicist or coffee bean supplier. She’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and remember you each time she reaches for her next drink.

7. Custom Photo Book

Remind her of all of your happy times together with a custom photo book or album filled with cherished memories. Websites like Shutterfly allow you to create a custom photo book and select size, images, and add text for a one-of-one creation.

shutterfly book cover with photo of family of four sitting on a log in the forest
Photo Credit: Shutterfly

8. Cozy Robe and Slippers Set

A fluffy robe and slippers set for lounging at home is a lovely way to enhance her self-care and nighttime routine. This may seem like a “cliche,” but it’s with good reason because we all love a snuggly robe and slippers to help ease the transition between morning and night. You can also find these sets available at a variety of price points, depending on your budget.

9. Set of Essential Oils and a Diffuser

Another great item to add to her routine is essential oils and a diffuser for creating a relaxing atmosphere at home. Studies have shown that the use of essential oils can significantly help decrease stress levels and have rejuvenating effects on the body.

10. Fancy Dinner at Her Favorite Restaurant

Give her a night off from kitchen duties with a nice dinner at her favorite restaurant or a home-cooked meal prepared by you.

11. A Book by Her Favorite Author

If she’s a reader, another one of the best gifts for mom is a book! Add to her bookshelf (or Nook library) with a selection from her favorite author or a new release in a genre she loves.

Price Range: $$$

12. Cooking or Baking Class

Learn something new together by taking a cooking class! Sharing a meal is a great way to bond, but learning and cooking with each other will make the experience that much more meaningful.

woman cutting ingredients on a cutting board while looking up at the camera
Photo Credit: Unsplash

13. A Subscription Box

It seems there are endless subscription box services nowadays. With a quick search, find one tailored to her interests, such as books, gourmet food, or beauty products.

14. Gardening Kit

Add to her outdoor and home hobbies with a gardening kit full of tools and seeds for her green thumb to tend to. And hey, maybe even spend a day in the garden with her helping pull weeds.

15. Subscription to a Magazine or Journal

There are tons of online and print magazines and journals that you can purchase for an annual subscription. If she’s not already a reader of any of these publications, do some browsing on topics that you know would speak to her interests and passions.

16. Subscription to a Streaming Service

Pay for a year’s worth of service to her favorite streaming channel, or open up her eyes to a new world of entertainment perfect for binge-watching her favorite shows or finding new movies.

17. Personalized Jewelry

Adorn her with precious gems and jewels to show how much you treasure your bond. Many small shops provide custom pieces that can include initials, birthstones, or even a family crest.

woman showcasing a necklace ring and earrings on her
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Price Range: $$$$

18. A Spa Day

Grant her a day of doing nothing at all. Let her bask in relaxation and papering on your dime, or gift a massage voucher for some much-needed “me time.”

19. Cooking Appliance

An Instant Pot or air fryer are big-time savers in the kitchen, and very fun to play with, if she’s a home chef. Pair this with a set of spices to inspire her next dance around the kitchen.

20. Fitness Tracker or Smartwatch

Help her stay active and healthy, or contribute to her already set wellness routine, with a fitness tracker. There are a variety of options and retailers available to choose from, whether you need a heart monitor or a simple step counter.

21. Baking Tools

If she's more of a baker, add to the home kitchen with a stand mixer or blender. You could even turn this into another gift basket, by gathering fun decorated items like cupcake liners, varieties of sprinkles, or new oven mitts!

white kitchen aid mixer and smeg brand toaster placed on countertop
Photo Credit: Unsplash

22. A Charitable Donation Made in Her Name

For the activist, consider making a charitable donation in her name to a cause she cares about deeply. Whether she’s passionate about animal welfare, women’s rights, or youth development in your local community, there are plenty of ways to show you also care.

23. Set of Luxurious Skincare Products

Contribute to her at-home spa experience by upgrading a few of her favorite skincare products. Rich moisturizers, facial mists, sheet masks, and body butters are just a few ideas to contribute to her year-round glow.

24. A Weekend Getaway

If you want to make this Mother’s Day an extended celebration, consider a nearby destination for a weekend getaway to enjoy extra quality time together exploring and creating new memories.

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mother crouching down to embrace her young daughter on the streets of a big city
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25. Stylish Handbag or Purse

If you adore her, Dior her! Whether you opt for a designer or artisan-made accessory to add to her collection, we know the fashionista in your life will appreciate this gesture.

Thanks, Mom

Regardless of what her love language is, there’s something for every budget and style.

No matter what you give or how you choose to celebrate her this year, remember it’s the meaning and intention behind your action that is most important.

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