Odis & Pauletta’s 40th Anniversary Celebration
Odis & Pauletta’s 40th Anniversary Celebration

Odis & Pauletta Blueitt Celebrate 40 Years of Marriage

Let’s send them back on their honeymoon

You’re invited to this secret registry to help them return to Hawaii!
January 7th 2023
San Antonio TX
78 Days Ago

Odis & Pauletta Blueitt are celebrating 40 years of marriage! Though they're 85% sure their daughters forgot this tremendous milestone, we just want to surprise them!

Join us on our new SURPRISE celebration date of January 7th, 2023 at their home. Originally scheduled for December 17th, the day prior to their anniversary, Pauletta informed one of her daughters they intended to travel. In haste, we moved the date to after the holidays, only for Pauletta to confirm on the 15th that they decided not to after all.

Talk about a whirlwind!


Nonetheless, we're excited to have you celebrate with them. If you're unable to attend, please consider this Second Honeymoon registry a phenonmenal way to celebrate from afar. Thank you for being part of their lives for so long! They love you and appreciate your kinship and friendship